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The vehicle is at ease, the procedures are complete and the price is reasonable. We have not only technology, but also quality and service!
  • Authorized used carProfessional quality
  • Training carQuality assured, super cost-effective
  • Quasi new carHigh quality 90% new and used cars
  • Merchant vehicle sourceProfessional quality inspection, reliable quality
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  • Jinan used car recycling: Accord 2018

    Jinan used car recycling: Accord...

    2018 | 0.26 million kilometers

  • Roewe RX5 2019 Platinum Edition

    Roewe RX5 2019 Platinum Edition

    2019 | 0.26 million kilometers

  • Jaguar XFL2018 XFL 2.0T

    Jaguar XFL2018 XFL 2.0T

    2018 | 0.26 million kilometers

  • Buick GL8 2018 28T Comfort

    Buick GL8 2018 28T Comfort

    2018 | 32,600 kilometers

  • Audi A8 2018 A8L luxury

    Audi A8 2018 A8L luxury

    2018|12,600 km

  • Audi A4L 2018 40 TFSI Fashion

    Audi A4L 2018 40 TFSI Fashion

    2018 | 22,600 km

  • Used Buick GL8...

    2018 | 22,600 km

  • Second-hand BMW 5...

    2016|62,600 km

  • Used BMW 5 Series...

    2017|62,600 km

  • Used Car...

    2018 | 22,600 km

  • Used Prado...

    2018|12,600 km

  • Used Passat 2007...

    2018 | 22,600 km

  • Audi Q7 2013 35...

    2018 | 0.26 million kilometers

  • Mercedes-Benz...

    2018 | 0.26 million kilometers

  • Used Corolla 2017...

    2018|42,600 km

  • Used Fu Ruisi...

    2018 | 22,600 km

  • Buick GL8 2018...

    2018 | 0.26 million kilometers


Choose changrunyuanFourReason

Provide users with safe used cars with high-quality products and outstanding services

Jinan used car recycling

Jinan used car evaluation

Jinan used car business

Jinan used car recycling

Strong strength and rich professional experienceStrong strength and rich professional experience

With good business philosophy and brand reputation, the company guarantees to win the trust of customers

The company has strong technical force and professional quality inspection ability

Have a high-quality technical personnel to test vehicle safety services

Professional technical testing and intimate service teamProfessional technical testing and intimate service team

Professional technical testing team, accurate testing of vehicles, measuring the value of vehicles with ultra-high and strict standards

With professional and technical ability, experienced and skilled elite team, we offer you escort

Professional maintenance and after-sales service team, so that you do not need to worry about the maintenance, convenient and worry free

One-stop professional car purchase serviceOne-stop professional car purchase service

All vehicles are imported at a fair price and the price is reasonable, so as to achieve a perfect balance between quality and price.

Purchase service, all vehicle procedures are complete, vehicle quality is safe and assured

Integrated commercial kitchen solutionsIntegrated commercial kitchen solutions

We adhere to the "customer-centric" business philosophy to provide customers with the best service

The whole process and all-round high quality take customer satisfaction as our responsibility, perfect and intimate

From the perspective of customers, we provide standardized, specialized and diversified services to our corporate customers

Special vehicleValue for money

Excess Value Performance-to-Price Ratio of Special Vehicles

  • Jinan used car recycling: used mini

    Jinan used car...

    2018 | 0.26 million kilometers


    Original price: 18w

  • Speed 2018 TSI380 DSG

    Speed 2018 TSI380...

    2018 | 3.100 million kilometers


    Original price 16w

  • Nissan GT-R 2012 3.8T

    Nissan GT-R 2012...

    2018 | 3.100 million kilometers


    Original price: 56w

  • Range Rover Aurora 2016 2.0T

    Range Rover...

    2018 | 0.26 million kilometers


    Original price 56w

  • Mercedes 2018 TSI380

    Mercedes 2018 TSI380

    2017|42,600 km


    Original price 46w

  • Used BYD S7 2015 2.0T upgrade version Automatic distinguished type

    Used BYD S7 2015...

    2018 | 22,600 km


    Original price 260,300

Corporate StyleCorporate Style

Professional and technical enterprise honor, high-quality second-hand vehicles, excellent testing standards, let you worry, rest assured

Jinan used car evaluation

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Jinan changrunyuan vehicle service is a large-scale comprehensive second-hand vehicle trading market. The company is located in the beautiful spring city of Jinan. Changrunyuan vehicle service provides one-stop shopping guide services such as Jinan second-hand vehicle evaluation, transaction, transfer, evaluation and acquisition, vehicle selection,

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