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Jinan Changrunyu Used Car Co., Ltd.

Tel: 187-5314-4448

Email: 18753144448@163.com

Address: room B01, block B, Jidong used car market, Guodian street, Licheng District, Jinan, Shandong

Website:  en.sdcry.com

Website: www.sdcry.com

Jinan changrunyuan vehicle service is a large-scale comprehensive second-hand vehicle trading market. The company provides one-stop shopping guide services such as trading, transfer, evaluation, purchase, vehicle purchase, maintenance, etc. in the beautiful spring city of Jinan. All customers can experience the considerate service of "your satisfaction, my wish". Jinan changrunyuan vehicle service relies on the existing form. The market has the service and management functions of vehicle registration certificate agency, vehicle inspection, appraisal and evaluation, vehicle display, transaction certificate handling, old and new vehicle return, new and old vehicle listing, vehicle auction, and second-hand vehicle information release.

The market took the lead in the pilot of special policies for second-hand car transactions, which strongly promoted the continuous and rapid development of second-hand car transactions in the city.

The market independently develops the service management network system of second-hand car transaction and certification, which is applied to the second-hand car industry in a unified way, forming a standardized, networked and standardized operation system covering all transaction markets and the whole process of inspection and certification.


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Tel: 187-5314-4448

Email: 18753144448@163.com

Contact person: manager Liu

Address: room B01, block B, Jidong used car market, 

Guodian street, Licheng District, Jinan, Shandong

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