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Jinan Changrunyu Used Car Co., Ltd.

Tel: 187-5314-4448

Email: 18753144448@163.com

Address: room B01, block B, Jidong used car market, Guodian street, Licheng District, Jinan, Shandong

Website:  en.sdcry.com

Website: www.sdcry.com

Core values of corporate culture:

Team spirit, performance concept, stable and far-reaching, outstanding

Vision target:

Common ideal: CO creation and sharing, pursuing goodness and beauty

Goal: to build a leading integrated retail and service provider of middle and high-end passenger vehicles with excellent customer experience

Enterprise spirit: open and enterprising

Management philosophy:

Service concept: responsible, professional and trustworthy

Management concept: no letting, no catching; dare to be the first, only strive for the first

Safety concept: safety is also productivity, control risk is to create benefits

Talent development concept

Talent strategy: professional experts, technical experts, business management experts

Employment concept: morality first, specialty first; performance first, value orientation

Staff character: integrity, self-confidence, mutual trust; integrity, determination, courage.

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Tel: 187-5314-4448

Email: 18753144448@163.com

Contact person: manager Liu

Address: room B01, block B, Jidong used car market, 

Guodian street, Licheng District, Jinan, Shandong

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