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What should we do when driving in fog


Everyone knows that when we drive a car, the last thing we want to see is bad weather coming when we drive, we drive in bad weather is very dangerous, in the fog, how should we safely drive a car, then let Jinan used car business take us to have a look.

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1, drive everyone is prone to illusion road surface wet at the same time, the vehicle braking performance becomes poor, careless slightly, easy to skid, caused by vehicle tilting, collision and crash, all kinds of potential safety hazard in the big weather clock, low visibility, to slow down, speed limit strictly obey the traffic rules, don't drive too fast, keep the vehicle velocity, maintain a reasonable, especially in the event of a turn or overtake vehicles, must pay attention to the observation, judgment, in case of emergency came off guard, light penetration effect better than ordinary car taillights.

2, fog to open the lamp of fog lamps, clearance or timely dipped headlight, Jinan used car evaluation Suggestions if driving on the highway, or under the condition of fog is very thick and open the danger alarm flashlight, remember not to use high beam, because of the high beam is according to above, shoot the light is the fog diffuse, will form in the front was a vast expanse of whiteness but can't see anything while driving, in addition, can use intermittent wiper, because of the fog condensed water droplets on the windshield shave, to improve the line of sight.

How to drive in fog

3. If you find that the vehicle ahead is parked on the right side, do not blindly overtake the vehicle, because it is likely that it is waiting for the opposite car to pass, passing the parked vehicle at the roadside, after confirming that it has no intention to start and the opposite car is not coming, timely honk the horn, from the left side of the low speed around.

4, in the fog driving to often honk the horn warning vehicles and pedestrians, especially when passing the traffic intersection honk can prompt turning or straight for vehicles and pedestrians to dodge, to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents.

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We remember to pay attention to the above points when driving in fog, there is also that we must pay attention to whether there is a vehicle in the rear when parking, if there is no, we still have to hurry off, do not waste time on the roadside, click on the details of Jinan used car recycling

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