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A used car should be manual or automatic


For beginners who have just taken out their driver's license, it is a good choice to choose a used car to be proficient in operation and familiar with the road. Then what gear should we use to familiarize ourselves with the road, manual or automatic? Let Jinan used car business take us to have a look

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1. In driving experience, the overall driving experience of automatic transmission models is slightly better than that of hand transmission models, because the difference between automatic transmission and hand transmission when buying a new car is 10,000 yuan at least, and the difference is several thousand yuan at most if buying a second-hand car. If you do not like the operation of mechanical or girls to buy a car to choose an automatic transmission is also a good choice. Buy second-hand commuting friends are also many, from the economy, automatic transmission model than hand transmission fuel consumption is higher, this is the transmission structure caused by the difference.

2, we should choose according to road conditions to determine when we commute what gear of car, if we don't jam on the way to work, so we choose a manual car or better, if we work on the road is blocked, so we will choose automatic is better, it also don't work on shift.

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3, manual transmission generally includes 12345 plus R, there is a most important, than the automatic transmission more than a clutch every shift to step on the clutch, very troublesome. Manual transmission switches when you're stuck in traffic in the city, it's a hassle, and there's only one hand to touch the steering wheel.

4. In the case of not using neutral, the main fuel saving method of manual transmission is that when the manual transmission USES neutral taxi, the engine runs only at idle speed, which will save fuel. And the automatic transmission can not use neutral driving, with the transmission of the engine speed higher than the idle state of the manual transmission, thus forming fuel consumption difference. Now the oil price is so expensive, automatic transmission will choose 95-97 oil, and manual transmission will consider 92 oil.

Used car gear selection

If we want to buy a car, ji 'nan small series of Jinan used car recycling or suggest that we should be optimistic about their route home and congestion after considering to buy automatic transmission or manual transmission, if you do not know how to buy a high-quality second-hand car, you can consult to our changrun ape second-hand car.

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