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What factors can affect the price of our used cars


After we buy a new car, the home anyone open car, then we will certainly think about how to sell the old car, of course we are disappointed also here, how can we will sell a used car our idea of a good price, what factors restrict the our price, then let the Jinan used car evaluation to take us have a look at it.

Jinan second-hand car evaluation price

1. The price of second-hand cars is not transparent, even multiple versions appear in the transaction. To this, intend to sell a car owner, want to keep an eye. Generally speaking, the second-hand car business in the car source information, will quickly get in touch with the owner, the acquisition. One of the major factors affecting the purchase price is the condition of the car. The personnel in charge of collecting the car will carefully check the appearance of the car to see if there is any scratch, if there is no car crash, if there is an accident and the beam is injured, then the price of the car will drop sharply.

2. According to the provisions of the law, no unit or individual shall assemble a motor vehicle or change the registered structure, structure or characteristics of the motor vehicle without authorization. At the same time, if the vehicle model is not in conformity with the technical parameters of the vehicle, the vehicle shall not be transferred. Converted in terms of the actual situation, most of the owners are to be modified according to his be fond of, but the vehicle modified to increase the equipment in the event of accident, the insurance company is not to claim that secondhand dealer in the acquisition of such models, take some risks, so the modified more exaggerated used cars, not only to assess the price is low, sometimes it's hard to find a buyer.

Jinan second-hand car which good

3. For a second-hand car for sale, the size of the market ownership is also a factor that directly affects the price of the car. In addition, the color and license plate number of the car are also important for second-hand car dealers. Different cars have different pay attention to, for example commercial car, dark blue is more popular model, and dark green, red model is obviously slow to sell; Usually small cars with silver gray, black most popular.

4. For unpopular models, the quotation of different car dealers will be different. In fact, this evaluation can not be completely used as a second-hand car market actual transaction reference. The so-called valuation is a factor that affects the price of used cars through the valuation of each car in the trading market in order to prevent tax losses caused by the false reporting of the transaction price by the government side.

Constraints on second-hand car sales

Another point is that when we sell used cars, if we want to sell the license plate together, this is also a factor that affects us to buy a car, license plate number for some people who buy a car is also more attractive, if you want to evaluate their own car how much money, you can consult us Jinan used car business

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