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Is it legal for second-hand cars to buy without transferring ownership


With the improvement of the automobile manufacturing industry and life, the business of the second-hand car market is very good. Then, people only pay attention to the car when buying, and don't think about the transfer of ownership.

Second-hand car transfe

The sales agreement for Jinan used car business is legally valid and protected by law. However, the second-hand car does not do the transfer, only signed the agreement there are legal risks. Between party has transferred and consign motor vehicle with sale means but did not deal with droit to transfer to register, belong to responsibility of this motor vehicle one party after producing traffic accident, give compensation inside limitation of liability of compulsory insurance of motor vehicle by insurance company, insufficient part, assume compensatory responsibility by assignee.

According to the traffic police department to make the accident liability written and determined by the new owner, but must prove. Therefore, the agreement is valid, but there may be a dispute risk if the car does not belong to the owner. Where the ownership of a registered motor vehicle has been transferred, the current owner of the motor vehicle shall, within 30 days from the date of delivery of the motor vehicle, apply to the vehicle management office at the registration place for transfer registration.

transfer agreement,

Jinan used car evaluation for the risk of the car seller. If the unregistered car violates regulations, the original car shall bear the fines. To say the least, even if the future can prove that the sales contract has been established during this period, but the handling is more troublesome. Moreover, if the buyer has a traffic accident during the period of ownership transfer, then the original owner has the risk of liability for compensation. So the original owner should handle the transfer procedures as soon as possible.

For the buyer, the vehicle is not household, if the original owner of frozen property, the vehicle also belongs to the original owner of the property, will be closed. Because the new owner did not handle the transfer procedures, he has only the right to use, but no ownership.

second-hand car agreement

Jinan used car recycling strongly recommends customers to timely handle the transfer formalities after the completion of the transaction, otherwise both sides will be at risk. Try to complete the transfer in a short time.

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