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For the transfer of ownership of second-hand cars in Jinan, what is the success of the transfer of ownership?


As car buyers, we need to know what materials are needed to deal with the transfer of ownership formalities before we choose and buy used cars. We take the transfer materials in Beijing as an example. They include: ID card (enterprise is an organization code certificate), vehicle driving book, vehicle registration certificate, car purchase invoice (or second-hand car invoice), purchase tax payment certificate, insurance policy. Next, let's let Jinan second-hand car evaluation show us what we have. 

Transfer of ownership of second-hand cars in Jinan

First, the ID card, how to check the transfer procedures of the second-hand car, and focus on checking whether the ID card number is consistent with the ID card number on the vehicle registration certificate, and it is within the period of validity. The key point of the enterprise is the organization code certificate is to check whether it is within the period of validity. 

Second, the driving book of the vehicle, which is divided into the original and the duplicate. the original is the basic information of the vehicle, including license plate number, vehicle type, owner's name, address, nature of use, vehicle brand model, frame number (VIN code), engine number, registration date and license issuing date. It is worth noting that in the driving book, if the registration date is the same as the license date, it can be judged that the car has not been transferred. If it is not consistent, it may be the replacement of the driving book, or it may be the date of the transfer of ownership of the car, the date of the last transfer of ownership.These are basic judgments, and the most detailed information can be found on the registration certificate. The information on the copy is the period of validity of the annual inspection of the vehicle. If the vehicle-related business can not be handled without the annual inspection, including transfer and settlement, if the period exceeds 30 days, driving on the road will be punished by a penalty of 3 cents and 200 yuan. 

Which one is good for used cars in Jinan?

Third, the vehicle registration certificate, how to check the transfer procedures of the second-hand car. Pages 1-2 of the registration certificate show the basic information of the first-hand owner and the car, including the key check during the inspection procedures. Pages 3-4 of the registration certificate record the transactions and changes of the car.When checking procedures, focus on checking whether the identity card number of the owner is consistent, whether the car has a mortgage and so on. If it is a mortgaged vehicle, the mortgage can only be transferred. 

 Car purchase invoice (second-hand car transfer ticket), car purchase invoice, also known as large ticket, refers to the vehicle invoice issued by the 4S store when buying a new car, with vehicle information, invoice price and so on. The key thing to check is the industrial and commercial verification seal. The second-hand car transfer ticket is also the transfer ticket, which is the second-hand car invoice issued by the transfer trading hall when buying the second-hand car.When a car passes through the transfer of ownership, when checking the formalities, it is necessary to check the name of the buyer in the top column of the transfer ticket must be the same as the name of the owner of the car. If it is inconsistent, it is necessary to see whether there is a change in husband and wife in the registration certificate, otherwise the ticket is invalid. 

Price of used cars in Jinan

For used cars, we still need to carefully check the car condition and vehicle information, if we use used cars, or we need to better understand it, click Jinan used car sales for details.

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