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Is there anything to pay attention to for second-hand cars?


Now basically every family will buy a car, in order to save costs, most people will choose a loan to buy a car. In fact, many people also have some views on loan fees, but loans are a way to ease the pressure on the economy. For many business people, they can also save money for his use. Although it is said that a loan to buy a car is a good thing, some tricks often appear in the Jinan second-hand car trading market.

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But as we all know, GPS locators are installed on the car after a loan, which is also a constraint and tracking for lenders. For many consumers who choose a used car, it is a trick to test whether a car can get started. Especially when you encounter some second-hand cars that are in very good condition but are very cheap, you must be cautious and check whether GPS is installed before you buy it. Why would you do that? There are two main reasons: the first is the new car loan fraud that is now common in the automobile industry. It is mainly that after some people buy the new car with a low down payment in the name of the loan, they will sell it directly in the second-hand car market. As for where the car sales go, we will not discuss where the car sales go, but what we must note here is that usually after this happens, car owners will not repay the car loan. 

The second situation is also similar, that is, in the current popular vehicle mortgage loans on the market, formal financial units only mortgage the car registration certificate and secondary keys in the process of operation, and the vehicle is still returned to the original car owner to continue to use, but some people will take advantage of this loophole, after obtaining the loan, they will continue to carry out secondary or even multiple car mortgage loans, and behind this kind of behavior, It is the same that the original car owner stops repaying the loan, and to put it bluntly, he is ready to be an old scoundrel. The above two cases have two things in common: one is that the vehicles have been filed with the DMV for financial loans, and the vehicles no longer belong to individuals; the other are installed with GPS locators. 、

Because of the lack of car registration certificate and the background of mortgage filing, these two kinds of mortgage-backed vehicles are also illegal in the process of entering the second-hand car market, so even if the condition of many cars is very perfect, the price is very low because they cannot transfer ownership, and many friends are easy to be deceived by second-hand car dealers because they do not understand the tricks. After buying it, I found that in addition to the car cannot be bought, the car can also be recovered by financial units at any time to repay the loan, and from a legal point of view, it does not agree with the legal ownership of the current car owner. this is tantamount to indirectly helping the former car owner take on a loan, and there are numerous examples of such deception, which have also been reported in many state media.

The sale of used cars in Jinan

So when you buy a used car, you should not only check whether the certificate of the vehicle is complete, but also check whether there is GPS, on the car. This kind of locator is usually divided into active and passive, and the loan unit will install the two locators at the same time.The first thing to check is the engine compartment, because this is the most intensive and complex place for the installation of auto parts, except for professionals, ordinary car owners can not disassemble at all, so here is the most common place to install GPS; the second is inside the center console, which is also a more difficult position to disassemble, so it is also the place where financial units like to install GPS locators.The third is the trunk, although the structure is simple, but there are many hollow dark boxes, battery-powered passive GPS locators are usually installed here. 

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