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How can used cars be sold at a higher price?


For the second-hand car, there are many used car shops in Jinan that sell all kinds of second-hand cars. When we buy and sell second-hand cars. How can we sell a high price? Next let's take a look at Jinan used car evaluation.

What should be done to sell used cars at a higher price?

How old is the car? How many years is the most suitable car to sell? My answer here is not an approximate number, but an exact number. That is, the five-year car price is relatively the most appropriate. If the car age is within five years, the excitement of buying the car has not passed, and I am still immersed in the focus and interest of the car. At the beginning, I was not willing to work hard at the gas door. The appearance is also very cherished. Even the purchase tax and insurance have just been paid Soon, if you sell it at this time, the car you just bought is not fresh enough. The cost of buying the car is not long after it has been paid. Of course, it's not appropriate. As long as the car is licensed as a used car, even if the age is near, it will be greatly affected by the price of the new car. The new car with 100000 naked cars may have a landing price of 120000-130000, but if you continue to sell it, it can't be high Due to the new car price, the impact is still relatively large, so the 5-year car is generally suitable.

Used cars should be sold

The new car energy has been basically exhausted, and the comfort and texture brought by the new car are also enjoyed. Because at present, there are no problems in domestic or joint venture models on the market. Unless there is a very low probability of new car defects, it is not within the scope of explanation. After all, expensive imported cars can not escape, but at present, there is a relatively high probability of cars after 5 years There are some small defects. The driving mileage of a family car is usually 60000 to 70000 kilometers in five years. This is the first time that every new car needs to replace some parts, such as vulnerable tires, brake oil, timing belt and other places. Although it does not need to be replaced every time, it needs to be tested generally for safety. Even some models need 20000 to 30000 kilometers It's time to replace the spark plug, so it's not necessary to consider these issues when selling the car. After all, the car is nearly the same age, and if it's new, it's not something that needs to be replaced. Most of the customers who buy the car after 5 years feel that the car is not new, and that the car after 6.7 years is old, which will greatly affect the price of the car. The customers who buy the car, for example If he thinks that buying a quasi new car, he will be willing to spend more money, and the price of the car will go up and up, so he comes to the conclusion that it is more appropriate to sell the car in five years.

How can I buy a used car at a high price when it is sold?

For second-hand cars, it's better for us to sell the car according to the frequency of driving the car. If we are not careful, we need to replace some parts to sell a higher price. Click Jinan second-hand car business for details.

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