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What is the function of vehicle maintenance


For the car, after we buy it, we will certainly maintain it once for a period of time. Then what do we need to prepare for the maintenance? What's the effect of the maintenance on the car? Next, let's take a look at the Jinan second-hand car business

What are the benefits of vehicle maintenance

1、 Car body maintenance

Car body maintenance is also used to call car beauty. The main purpose is to remove all kinds of oxidation and corrosion outside and inside the car body, and then protect it to highlight the "beauty" of the car. It mainly includes: paint maintenance, cushion and carpet maintenance, bumper and skirt maintenance, instrument panel maintenance, electroplating maintenance, leather and plastic maintenance, tire and wheel hub maintenance, windshield maintenance, chassis maintenance, engine appearance maintenance, etc.

Is vehicle maintenance good

2、 In car maintenance

The purpose of car body maintenance is to keep the car young forever, while the purpose of in car maintenance is to make the car travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers without overhaul, so as to ensure that the car is in the best technical state. It mainly includes: lubrication system, fuel system, cooling system, brake system, carburetor (nozzle) maintenance.

3、 Car body renovation

Repair, repair, repair, repair, repair, etc. of leather, leather, etc. Vehicle maintenance can be divided into regular maintenance and non regular maintenance. Regular maintenance includes daily maintenance, first-class maintenance and second-class maintenance. Non regular maintenance includes running in period maintenance and seasonal maintenance.

What is the function of vehicle maintenance

After all, if we don't understand the maintenance of second-hand cars in Jinan, we can see that there are still a lot of problems with the maintenance of used cars in Jinan. If we don't understand the maintenance time, we can see that there are many problems in the maintenance of used cars.

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