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What should you pay attention to before buying a car?


Used car is a thing that many people think about before buying a new car. Where should we go first, or what should we pay attention to when we buy a used car? next, let's take a look at Jinan's second-hand car business.

What should used cars pay attention to?

Many people know that it is necessary to look at the appearance of a car, but is it no problem to see that the car is clean at a glance? 

We mainly look at the line gap and whether there is a scratch, such as whether there is a large loophole in the connection between the front bumper of the hood and the leaf board, because there must be no problems such as chromatic aberration when the original factory leaves the factory, so if there is an obvious color difference or seam problem, there must be a scratch or an accident! 

Of course, if there are no defects with the naked eye, we can feel with our hands and use a sensitive sense of touch to find these pits. For example, if there are potholes in metal parts such as bonnets and panels, they can be found at once. This is also a good way, why pay attention to chromatic aberration? 

Because the color of the vehicle when it leaves the factory cannot be 100% the same as the color of the follow-up, so it doesn't look good from east to west.

What should you pay attention to before buying a used car?

Note another point is to pay attention to detail, because friends who have been to the used car market all know that vehicles on the used car platform have to be corrected after they are collected. It is common that the external polishing, waxing and even the engine compartment are cleaned in place, so that the second-hand car looks no different from the new car, but it is still gold and jade. If there has been a major accident, one of the cars has had a major accident. 

It is the shell that suffers first, so we can take a closer look at the shell. 

After turning on the engine, be sure to observe the details carefully, because the collision repair has to be disassembled and assembled, so first observe whether the screws have been loosened, for example, if the engine cover is removed, the screws in the hinge position will fall off the paint. At the same time, we have to touch these screws, because many businesses will repaint these screws, so you can't see the paint falling off.

Points for attention in the purchase of used cars

For used cars, many car dealers will spray paint again. When we carry out inspection, we must pay attention to the location mentioned above. If there is anything we do not know when buying used cars, you are welcome to contact us for the sale of used cars in Jinan.

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Address: room B01, block B, Jidong used car market, 

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