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What should be done when applying for a loan for a second-hand car?


Used car is a thing that many of us will buy and sell now. when we want to buy a new car or want to buy an old car to practice, we will use Jinan second-hand car to buy and sell. So for second-hand cars, how should we deal with loans? next, let Jinan Changrun ape second-hand car show us.

Price of used cars in Jinan

Which institutions can make used car mortgage loans? 

Cars are consumables, depreciation is fast, there are not many banks that do car mortgage loans, and most of them are handled by non-bank institutions, such as pawnbrokers, car loan companies and P2P online loan platforms and so on. 

The application conditions, requirements for vehicles, the amount of approval that can be approved and the cost of loans are different in different institutions. 

What are the requirements for used car mortgage loans for vehicles? 

Generally speaking, the threshold for car mortgage loan application is relatively low, and the overall qualification of the applicant is not high, but there are certain requirements for the mortgaged vehicles. 

For example, it is difficult to make mortgages for cars that have been mortgaged, cars that have not been paid off, cars that are older (such as more than 5 years), cars with incomplete procedures, foreign license plates and cars that are undervalued.

What materials should be provided to make a used car mortgage loan? 

Generally, it is necessary to provide identity certificate, vehicle driving license and motor vehicle registration certificate (some institutions require insurance policy, vehicle tax, customs duty certificate for imported vehicles, etc.), income certificate such as bank running water or income certificate issued by the company, and residence certificate such as water, electricity and coal bills. 

In the process, the loan applicant will submit materials to the institution, and after the initial examination, the applicant will conduct a home visit, investigate and estimate the value of the vehicle, initially evaluate the loan amount, handle the entrustment notarization, and the institution will receive the detention certificate, some of which will be installed on the car after the GPS, can be lent. 

Which is a good place to buy and sell used cars in Jinan?

What costs will be involved in second-hand car mortgage loans? 

The cost generally involves the following items: loan interest and liquidated damages (such as overdue repayment), vehicle evaluation fee (usually borne by the lending institution), mortgage registration fee (generally borne by the lending institution), the cost of installing GPS (partly borne by the applicant), and some institutions will collect margin. 

In addition, if the loan applicant detains the car, trailer and other expenses due to overdue repayment, it will generally be borne by the applicant.

Which one is better to evaluate the used cars in Jinan?

We still need to carry out a certain degree of inspection of second-hand cars in mortgage loans. after all, we do not know the specific situation of vehicles when we buy and sell them again. If you want to buy a used car with confidence, you can consult us on the evaluation of used cars in Jinan.

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Tel: 187-5314-4448

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