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Should used cars be repaired and maintained?


Maintenance is very important for cars. 4s after we buy a car, we will tell you how many kilometers or days after we will let us go back for maintenance. So second-hand cars are also in need of maintenance. So what should we pay attention to when carrying out maintenance of second-hand cars? let's take a look next.


1. Engine oil plays a very important role for automobiles, its main function is to cool and lubricate engine components, so the replacement of engine oil is particularly important. 

When choosing engine oil, it is recommended to choose according to the personal driving path. If you often run on the highway, then choosing general engine oil is enough. 

If you are office workers, often run on urban roads, stop-and-go traffic lights, each journey is less than 20 kilometers, usually such driving conditions for car engine wear is relatively large, so it is recommended to choose more fully synthetic oil, not only can effectively protect the car engine, but also can reduce the number of oil changes. 

It should be noted that when changing the oil, the oil trap should also be changed to ensure that the oil path is smooth and will not be blocked by impurities.

Which one is good for used cars in Jinan?

2. the function of brake oil is to ensure that the brake system can work properly. if the brake oil is insufficient or used for too long, it will affect the brake system and may bring safety risks to our driving. 

3. Gearbox oil is an oil product to keep the gear system clean, which can ensure the normal operation of the gearbox and prolong the life of the transmission. 

In general, car owners will not change the gearbox oil when they intend to sell the car, so it is necessary for us to check and replace it. 

4. Check and maintain spark plugs. 

The function of the spark plug is to introduce the pulse high voltage into the combustion chamber and use the electric spark produced by the electrode to ignite the mixed gas to complete the combustion. 

Usually, the car will need to replace the spark plug after driving more than 30,000 kilometers. if you don't know when the previous owner will replace it, check it first to see if it is necessary to replace it.

Maintenance methods of used cars in Jinan

The maintenance of used cars is still very necessary. after all, we do not know how the previous owner used the car, so it is also good for the car to do a deep maintenance. If we do not know anything during maintenance, you can consult us on the evaluation of used cars in Jinan.

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