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Why do we have to make an evaluation when we buy a used car


In fact, many people still don't understand Jinan used car evaluation, but they still have to do the evaluation when they buy a car. Why? Isn't the car seller already doing the corresponding assessment test? Why do you have to do it yourself? Xiaobian shares with you an example of buying a used Ferrari sports car. The buyer used more than 3 million yuan and bought a second-hand Ferrari that only ran 3000 kilometers. However, after running for a period of time, he found that the Ferrari was an accident car, but the sales store did not inform him. If the car owner can make an identification, it can actually avoid this problem

Jinan used car evaluation price

The current situation of the development of second-hand cars in China is that, on the one hand, under the situation that the national automobile trade is not very prosperous, the transaction volume of second-hand cars in 2014 showed a substantial growth, reaching 6.0529 million, an increase of 16.33% compared with the same period of last year. On the other hand, the cases of safeguarding the rights caused by the opaque information in the second-hand car transaction also happen from time to time. The substantial growth of second-hand car transaction volume shows that consumers have higher and higher recognition and acceptance of second-hand cars; the frequent occurrence of rights protection cases also shows that the integrity problems in second-hand car transactions have not been solved, and there is a lack of professional evaluation and detection to guarantee the second-hand car transactions.

Jinan used car evaluation organization

Professional evaluation and testing is the cornerstone of the integrity of second-hand car trading. The assessment and detection of a car is like a physical examination of a person. Through the assessment and detection, we can find out where the car has been "sick", ranging from judging whether the engine, transmission, suspension and other core components have been repaired and replaced, and as small as whether the vehicle has been found to have a scratch record. Through the professional evaluation and detection, we can identify the accident car, bubble car and other low-quality second-hand cars, which can help consumers to buy reliable second-hand cars.

Whether you buy a car from a 4S store, a second-hand car trading company or an individual, in order to sell the car at a high price, the seller will try his best to cover up the defects or defects of the car. Because the information of the vehicle is asymmetric, most of the buyers can not fully understand the basic information of the car. Therefore, before buying a second-hand car, it is necessary to make a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle. Even the acquaintances and experts can not fully understand the situation of the vehicle. Through the professional evaluation and detection of second-hand cars, we can see whether the vehicles have major problems and whether they can be purchased. On the other hand, we can also learn the approximate price of the vehicle through the evaluation and detection, and judge whether it is worth buying.

Jinan used car evaluation function

Although the information is more and more developed, but for the second-hand car market, a lot of information is still asymmetric. A lot of Jinan used car business sales staff for their own interests, almost all will try to cover up the accident of the car accident, if we do not understand the car, it is very difficult to see. Therefore, when we buy a used car, we should not trust the appraisal report of the sales personnel. We need to find a professional evaluation and testing agency to evaluate and identify the used car

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