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Seven ways to tell the mileage of a used car


In Jinan second-hand car market, in fact, the water is relatively deep in a simple way. Especially for the used car odometer, many businesses in order to sell a high price, basically will do a lot of tricks on the odometer. In fact, the odometer has been changed, which is not surprising in the second-hand car market. But for many consumers, how can we judge whether the odometer of a used car has been modified? Today, I'd like to share with you a few methods.

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1. Wear of steering wheel

The steering wheel is a relatively high part of the car. Due to the constant rotation, it will unconsciously leave a relatively deep mark. Although some owners try to replace the steering wheel cover to cover up the wear of the steering wheel, after all, there are few people to replace the steering wheel, so no matter what, many wear marks can not be covered. In addition, the watch of the central armrest, shift lever and other parts Surface shedding is also one of the basis for judging the true mileage. If the surface starts to fall off, this is not the wear degree that can be achieved by 35000 km.

2. Seat wear

Like the steering wheel, the seat is also one of the most commonly used parts of the vehicle. After a long time of sitting pressure, the elasticity of the seat decreases and the aging is obvious. The leather will be polished and hard. If the seat shows signs of renewal, it means that the mileage of the car is indispensable. In addition, if the mileage of the plastic knobs and adjusting paddles on the car is long enough, it means that they have been used many times, and their surface will become glossy and smooth. It should be noted that some crafty sellers and intermediaries may have sprayed thick wax on the interior of the car in advance, which may cause consumers to make a wrong judgment in the process of screening.

3. Wear condition of brake disc

In general, the service life of the brake disc is more than 100000 km. If a car has been driving for five years but the brake disc is very new, the brake disc of the car must have been replaced, which means that the mileage of the car must have exceeded 100000 km. At the same time, we should understand that the greater the mileage, the greater the wear of the engine, the worse the sealing performance of the engine, which will directly lead to oil leakage and other situations.

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4. Tire wear

Judging mileage by tire wear is one of the most intuitive methods. When purchasing a second-hand car, you should carefully check each tire to see if it has flat tread patterns and no edges and corners. If four tires are different from the old one, the car is likely to be forced to replace its tires because of an accident, but this method is only applicable to a shorter period of time For older cars, it's still difficult to judge mileage by tires.

5. Aging degree of interior decoration

As we all know, the longer the mileage, the more aging the interior. Therefore, the old and new interior of a car can basically be directly proportional to the mileage of the vehicle. Due to the high cost of interior replacement, very few people will replace all the interior parts even if they want to.

6. Maintenance records

The simplest way to judge mileage is to go to the 4S store to check the repair records of the car. However, this is only for vehicles that are still under warranty. For those vehicles that have passed the warranty period, you can go to the insurance company to check the records on the insurance policy.

7. Vehicle type judgment

The last trick for ordinary people is that I don't tell them. It is judged by the model. It is understood that the average private car drives about 25000 kilometers a year, while the mileage of official vehicles can reach more than 40000 kilometers. Therefore, we can roughly estimate the actual mileage of a second-hand car by understanding its real year of manufacture, and pay special attention to that Second hand cars with long age but short mileage are basically greasy.

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Through these seven methods, we can judge the mileage of second-hand car, which is also very useful for us. The more mileage a second-hand car has, the more wear and tear the car has, and the quality will also decline. When we buy a used car, we need to pay more attention to mileage, as well as its maintenance records, so as to avoid buying an accident car. If you are worried that your discrimination ability is limited, we can contact Jinan second-hand car evaluation company to carry out the assessment, so as to ensure that we can buy a better used car.

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