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Why should tire be paid attention to in second-hand car appraisal


At present, people's consumption concept has changed somewhat. When buying second-hand cars, more people tend to buy second-hand car products with high cost performance. Especially for the students who have just graduated from university and the young people who have just started a business, it is more cost-effective to carry out the second-hand car business in Jinan. But it is not so easy to choose a suitable used car. For some people who don't know about cars, it's very easy to be trapped. Today, I'd like to tell you how to identify used cars by tires.

Jinan used car evaluation method

1、 Confirm the year of manufacture by tire

There is a set of four digits on the tire wall. From the last four digits of the mark, we can know the production date. The first two digits indicate the week of the year, and the last two digits indicate the year. Before buying a second-hand car, remember to look at the four digit number to avoid being blinded by the real age of the car. As shown in the figure below, the last four digits of the tire are 4009, which means that the tire was produced in the 40th week of 2009 = that is, it was produced in early September 2009.

2、 Look at the tire appearance and pattern

The tire condition can be observed by the following methods:

1. If the outer edge of the tire has great wear, it indicates that the tire is often under inflated (that is, the pressure is not enough);

2. If the inner side of the tire is worn and the outer edge is burred, it indicates that the deformation of the tire and the symmetry of the two tires have been affected;

3. If the two sides of the tire landing part show convex wear, and the peripheral wear is wavy, it indicates that the shock absorber, bearing and spherical coupling of the vehicle are seriously worn;

4. If the center area of the landing part of the tire is seriously worn, it indicates that the tire is often in the state of over inflation.

5. The depth of tread determines the use of the original owner. The more tire tread is worn, the shallower it will be, and the more kilometers the vehicle will use. Basically, the tread wear of four tires should be consistent. If one of them is very new, the other three are seriously worn out, and the very new one is basically replaced later.

Jinan used car evaluation method

3、 See if the tires are retreaded

Compared with the brand tire, the difference between the retreaded tire and the brand tire lies in the wear resistance

1. Look, the tire tread presents blue light, the color is more natural;

2. Press the tread with your fingers. If there is no fingerprint left, it meets the quality requirements;

3. Pull, the rubber nail on the tread is not easy to break when pulled up, and it can be restored immediately after release;

4. If no fingerprints are left, the quality requirements are met.

4、 Look at the wheel hub

The wheel hub is the main part to support the vehicle weight and provide heat dissipation to the tire

1. If there are signs of wear or impact on the surface of the wheel hub, it indicates that the original owner was not very careful when using the car, and often scraped it, causing damage to the wheel hub.

2. If the four sets of wheels of this car have scratch marks, and the four tires are brand new, it means that the car's condition is worrying.

Jinan used car evaluation requirements

In fact, when we purchase second-hand cars, there is a job that we should strictly do in place, that is, we should carry out the evaluation of second-hand cars in Jinan, so that we can buy second-hand cars with high cost performance. In fact, the identification of second-hand cars is a very deep knowledge, so in the process of purchase, we must be accompanied by the old driver to buy and test, so as to avoid spending some money wrongly.

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