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How to do a good job in the evaluation of second-hand car sales


Nowadays, there are still many people who buy cars. In order to facilitate their travel, almost every family has their own car. But there are also some local tyrants who, after buying a car, want to get a new one and sell their old one. Second hand car sales in Jinan should be evaluated strictly. So, what should be done to evaluate used cars? I'd like to share with you today.

Jinan used car evaluation fee

How to evaluate used cars?

At present, five methods are mainly used in China: income present value method, ten-year depreciation method, replacement cost method, current market price method and liquidation price method. The most commonly used method in the used car industry is the ten-year depreciation method, which generally means 15% depreciation per year. In other words, your new car will be depreciated by 15% in the second year. In the third year, the price will be reduced by 15% on the basis of 15% of the loss. According to this calculation, the first three years will be 15% discount. After three years, the annual depreciation rate will be 10%. It is suggested that the second-hand cars sold are used cars of three to six years, but this calculation method is relatively crude.

However, the second-hand car valuation calculator of our station is more scientific. It calculates the relatively reasonable price of second-hand car by providing the service time, model and mileage of your car, calculating the residual value of the second-hand car through the double evaluation depreciation algorithm, and then modifying and integrating the data such as the value preservation rate and transaction price of the second-hand car.

Jinan used car evaluation requirements

How to sell used cars?

To decide whether a second-hand car is good or not depends on the condition of the car. You can check and maintain the whole car before you sell it. At least you have to wash it. All of these will help your price. However, most of the used car appraisers set the price according to the condition of the car and the market situation. If you sell the car to an individual, the price may be slightly higher, but the cycle of selling the car is very long and it is troublesome to look at the car The condition of the car is not guaranteed. There are always troubles after sales. It is suggested to sell directly to the second-hand market for convenience and ease of worry.

It's easy to sell if you haven't changed hands. If the car is in good condition, the price will go up. But if you want to sell it at a high price, you are advised to sell the car directly to the Jinan second-hand car market. Generally, it will help you transfer ownership and sign a contract. It will take you a long time to complete the transfer from the assessment to the seller's transfer, which is very easy.

Jinan used car evaluation method

Similarly, if the second-hand car has been registered for a long time, the car condition is good in time, but it is difficult to sell it by itself. The same old car companies are not willing to accept it. For many second-hand cars, the cut-off point is generally about five years. After five years, not only will the price not go up, but also the probability of selling out will be extremely low. Therefore, Xiaobian thinks that if the second-hand car wants to be sold, the proposal is to sell it in the fifth year.

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