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Is a used car worth buying after ten years of use?


Many people ask Xiaobian whether the car we want to buy is worth buying if it is ten years old? In fact, in Jinan second-hand car market, if only used for 10 years, no accident, or very worth buying. Generally speaking, more than 10 years of cars, the price will be more affordable, whether it is used to train cars or to take a walk, but also very cost-effective.

Jinan second-hand car trading mode

For cars, under the premise of no scrapping restrictions, 10 years is like the human age of 30 or 40 years, and there is no pressure to run for another 10 years. Of course, no matter how carefully you maintain a car for 10 years, there will always be some small problems, such as the difficulty in lifting and lowering the windows, the aging of the wiper, the corrosion of the exhaust pipe, carbon deposition in the engine, and serious oil pollution on the lines. In fact, I can completely solve these problems through later maintenance, which will not affect future use.

To sum up, the value of a 10-year-old second-hand car is not worth buying. The key lies in the condition of the car. At the same time, when selecting a car, it is necessary to comprehensively inspect all parts of the vehicle to exclude accident vehicles, water soaked cars and other used cars with major quality problems.

Can you buy a used car 10 years old? The answer is yes. It depends on the condition of the car. The car has not been overhauled, there is no major traffic accident, there is no soaking in water. The mileage is reasonable. Generally, the mileage of a car is relatively large and the car wear is serious.

In fact, as long as the car is properly maintained, it has been driving for more than 20 years without any problems. A colleague of mine has been driving the same car for 18 years and still drives on the road. If the car is not well maintained, it will be abandoned after less than 2 years. Is it still worth buying? According to my personal situation, my friend recently wants to buy the car of 2007, which is mainly cheap and suitable to drive for a few years. There are a lot of such demands, so there are still many people who have bought second-hand cars for more than 10 years.

Jinan second-hand car market

It's really hard to choose a 10-year-old car or a longer one, because by this time, the wear of all parts of the vehicle is in the later period of peak working condition, and the cost of using it is relatively high. For example, the ball joint bushing of chassis connecting rod is loose, the seal of engine transmission differential is poor, oil leakage, internal parts wear and abnormal noise, power is reduced, fuel consumption is increased, the failure rate of electrical functional parts is increased, and the vehicle driving quality is poor. A lot of wearing parts or assembly parts are at the end of the life cycle to be repaired and replaced. It is uneconomical and affects the car. Time is wasted on the repair of the car. Sometimes there is not much money when buying an old car. Once the large parts are broken, the repair cost is very expensive. If it is not repaired, it will be useless if it is not repaired. It is not cost-effective to repair and sell it State.

Jinan second-hand car sales price

If we decide to buy a second-hand car for more than 10 years, we suggest that we should choose the ordinary vehicle with larger sales volume and better after-sales service in the market in that year. In this way, there will be no problem for us to replace the car if there is a fault. If we go to buy an old luxury car, the maintenance cost is relatively expensive because it has a relatively small quantity, because these parts are not easy to sell. Therefore, when we buy used cars in Jinan used car recycling market, we must consider these problems.

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