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What are the six common channels for selling used cars


Now Jinan used car market has been developing rapidly, both online and offline business, basically have a very good development situation. At present, if you want to buy a good second-hand car, there are many ways to consider. When we sell our used car, we also have many choices. Today, I'd like to tell you about the sales of second-hand cars, and discuss their advantages and disadvantages respectively. I'd like to make a reference for you.

Second hand car price in Jinan

1. Sell to acquaintances

Advantages: familiar with the trading partner, familiar with the vehicle condition, easy to establish a sense of trust, good communication.

Disadvantages: of course, the disadvantages are also obvious, because the human relationship may not be able to sell a good price. The procedures need to be handled by ourselves or entrusted. In case of any problems in the follow-up of the car, it is easy to get along with each other happily. And after all, the circle of friends is limited, and the limitations are relatively large. Maybe the car is not sold so quickly.

2. Sold to second-hand car market dealers

Advantages: the transaction time is short and the transaction proportion is high. Although there is a gap between the price and the direct sale to individuals, the selling time and procedures are more convenient, so it is the reason why many owners who are afraid of trouble choose to sell. What's more, the dealers in the used car market have fixed business locations. If there are problems in the future, they can also find businesses. In addition, the price is in line with the market price. If you finally decide to sell it directly to the merchants, you can compare the goods with three companies, ask more prices, compare more, and choose the best.

Disadvantages: the second-hand car market environment is mixed. Some car owners are stopped by car dealers who collect their cars at the door before they enter. It is not easy for them to leave. Therefore, we should ignore them before entering the market and go directly to find regular car dealers for transaction.

3. Sell to individuals through the Internet

Advantages: use forum and other ways to sell the car directly to individuals, and the price depends on you. This way is fast and convenient to deliver messages.

Disadvantages: this kind of sale gives many car dealers an opportunity to take advantage of. The car dealers receive a lot of calls. It's really unclear when they can sell them. It's a waste of time for car owners. They will impersonate themselves to watch cars and bargain with each other. For private owners who are not sure about the price of cars, they are likely to encounter malicious price reduction by dealers. If you are lucky enough to sell it to an individual, the transaction procedure transfer is also a more troublesome problem.

Jinan used car sales channel

4. Find a car auction company

Advantages: auction is to show the information of the car to the public through on-site or online means. Car users will bid competitively, and those with higher price will get the price, which will be higher than that of private car owners. There is little need for hard bargaining, and there is no worry after the transfer, which is also a better way to transfer used cars.

Disadvantages: can't show the car condition very well, in addition, the owner may have some psychological resistance to the Commission.

5. Second hand car trading website or Trading Company consignment

Advantages: the trading website or trading company will help to detect the vehicle condition, handle the transfer and registration procedures, and increase the extended service such as vehicle warranty extension, so that individuals can be more assured when buying a car. Because the car is ultimately sold directly to individuals, the price is guaranteed. Generally, it can be higher than 5 ~ 10% of the purchase price of the car dealers, with less bargaining links.

Disadvantages: it's hard to control the time. If you want to sell a good price, you have to wait for someone. And pay a service fee of 3% of the car price to the trading website. If you want to consign the car through a used car trading company, the car will be sent to the market and the consultant will find a buyer. The market collects the management fee, which can not recover the vehicle payment in time.

6. 4S stores directly replace new cars

Advantages: sell it to the 4S store, that is, trade in. When you buy a new car, you can get the old car at the price. Some of the old cars will be replaced after buying a new discount or insurance compensation. And it's quite easy to handle. Old cars come into the store and new cars come out. It's a one-stop service.

Disadvantages: some 4S stores don't have used car brands. The replacement price of second-hand cars and this kind of shop is lower than that of selling them to scalpers. The reason is that the 4S shop itself has no digestion capacity and will eventually sell them to scalpers. The relevant business managers of 4S stores will come from the middle of the market, so the price is lower than the market price.

Jinan used car market

In fact, no matter which way we sell our second-hand car, we need to choose a regular manufacturer and sign a formal contract when we sell the car. In this way, we can better ensure that the transfer procedures of the second-hand car are complete and avoid all subsequent problems after the sale. Similarly, in the sale of second-hand cars, if necessary, we should also do a good job in Jinan used car evaluation to ensure that the price is reasonable.

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