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Why are used cars in China less and less valuable


Our current Jinan used car market is still in a stage of development. Since 2000, our country's car ownership has been increasing. Up to 2009, the number of used cars doubled a lot, even 12 times, which can be said to be a relatively terrible number. Judging from the current situation, our country seems to have entered the golden age of the second-hand car market. People who have no car want to buy a car and those who have a car want to change their car.

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But in fact, the development of domestic used car market this year is not as good as it seems. From 2015 to October, the transaction volume of second-hand cars was 7.5 million, up only 3% year-on-year. Compared with last year, the growth rate slowed down significantly. Many second-hand car prices have declined to varying degrees. What is the reason for the rapid development of the second-hand car market?

In fact, there are several reasons. First, the automobile market was sluggish in the first half of 2015. It was not only the decline of new car sales, but also the second-hand car market. The second is that all parts of the country have implemented the policy of restricting the relocation of second-hand cars from other places to the local automobile market. Third, the implementation of the new energy policy, the state attaches great importance to environmental protection, and some old vehicles in the second-hand car market will cause pollution to the environment, and there is no preferential policy, leading to the decline of used car sales.

Jinan second-hand car market

Among them, the most important reason is the local policy of restricting the relocation. The implementation of the relocation restriction policy has seriously affected the circulation of second-hand car drivers, resulting in the circulation of second-hand cars among different regions, and consumers can not buy satisfactory second-hand cars, and the profits of major second-hand automobile enterprises begin to decline. So what's the reason behind this? The reason why local governments restrict second-hand cars so much is mainly because the emissions of some second-hand cars are not up to standard, which will affect the local environment. In addition, the sales of second-hand cars will not increase taxes on the local finance (new cars can generally levy taxes exceeding 11% of the selling price and other fees). A large number of used cars will also compress the local new car market 。 These reasons have created the local government's attitude towards second-hand cars. Now, more than 90% of the cities in China have their own policies to restrict the relocation of second-hand cars in other places. Including 222 cities above prefecture level, 88 land methods were used to restrict the relocation of second-hand cars.

In order to solve the problem of second-hand car circulation, we should first carry out management from the national policy level and remove the barriers of local protectionism. We should standardize the standards of second-hand car relocation restrictions, and sort out the unreasonable provisions of local laws and regulations. At the same time, we should adjust the tax revenue after the sale of second-hand cars, link the development of the second-hand car market with the local income, and stimulate local initiative. Second hand car enterprises should also make corresponding measures to rectify their own used car industry and transform vehicles that do not meet the emission standards. I believe that the cooperation of various aspects will eventually change the current situation of the second-hand car market.

Jinan second-hand car trading requirements

At present, the used car market will gradually become a very important part of the automobile industry in the future. From the well bore of developed countries, the sales volume of second-hand cars is much higher than that of new cars in developed countries such as Europe and America. Our country's second-hand car sales and new car sales are much worse, which also shows that our country's Jinan second-hand car market also has certain problems. But from the current data, the development prospects of second-hand cars are relatively large.

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