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Buick GL8 2018 28T Comfort Country VI

Buick GL8 2018 28T Comfort Country VI

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Buick recycling

        The first point: 600,000 kilometers to guide the vehicle to scrap, which makes many car owners who have reached the end of the year but do not have enough mileage is very headache. After the introduction of this new regulation, many car owners are simply happy.

        The second point: mandatory annual inspection of vehicles, if the owner has not been inspected for three consecutive years, it will be compulsory. This point is still to ensure the safety of road traffic. Some of the current car companies seeking profit are to reduce costs and be lazy in terms of materials and workmanship. For example, some large manufacturers have frequently experiencing problems in recent years, such as the problem of increased oil in a certain field, and the problem of irrigation of certain engines. Even such a big business car will have such a security problem, showing how important the annual inspection is. Netizens still praised this point.

        The third point: different models use different retirement terms for private non-profit vehicles, including 5- and 7-seat models that have no service life. If the car has not traveled more than 600,000 kilometers for more than 15 years, it needs to be inspected every two years. If the test fails, it will be compulsory.

2018 | 0.26 million kilometers

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