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Range Rover Aurora 2015

Range Rover Aurora 2015

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Used Range Rover Assessment

Used Range Rover Assessment

        Buying a used car must have a car invoice, which is divided into the original car invoice and the second-hand car invoice (transfer invoice). The original invoice of the car refers to the invoice issued when the new car is purchased. The transfer invoice refers to the invoice for the first time after the last transfer. If the user purchases a vehicle with a transfer record, this invoice (transfer ticket) must be presented when it is necessary to transfer the account again. Check the transfer ticket and check whether the invoice is consistent with the owner name of the vehicle in the driving book. If there is any discrepancy, the original owner should change it in advance.

        The second-hand Range Rover evaluation also needs to check whether the invoice is stamped with the Industry and Commerce Administration verification stamp. If the invoice is not stamped, it is necessary to issue a certificate to the original new car sales unit before the transfer, and then to the Industrial and Commercial Administration to affix the verification chapter.

        After the contract is signed, an invoice for the old motor vehicle transaction shall be issued, and the commitment of the relevant expenses shall be determined by the buyer and the seller through negotiation.

        After the above steps are completed, the next step is to take the old motor vehicle transaction invoice and the old motor vehicle sales contract to the vehicle management office for vehicle driving, registration card change or transfer. Pay special attention to whether the trading vehicle has an illegal or unhandled accident.

2018 | 22,600 km

Price: 2 million ~ 450,000

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