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Audi A8 2018 A8L luxury

Audi A8 2018 A8L luxury

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  • Release date:2019-10-29
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Used Audi recycling

        1. The water tank and condenser used by second-hand Audi are clean, no need to worry, but used cars are different. Many cars have the problem of dirty water tank condensers, and even if the dealers refurbish, they will not clean the water tanks and condensers.

        2. The water tank and condenser are dirty, which directly affects the cooling effect of the air conditioner. Generally, it is impossible to test the air conditioner for a long time. The water temperature is not up to normal. The test is only whether the air conditioning system is normal; Normally, it will directly affect the cooling of the air conditioner.

        3. The water tank condenser is too dirty to directly reduce the heat dissipation effect of the water tank and the condenser. When the control system finds that the temperature is too high, the electronic fan will be in high speed for a long time (electronic fan is divided into high speed and low speed). In the long run, the electronic fan will not only appear. Abnormal noise, looseness, and even controller burnout

        4, cooling can not, although the water temperature is not alarm, but the water temperature will always be high, accelerate the consumption and aging of antifreeze, while increasing the difficulty of sealing the water pipe excuses, it is easy to cause the interface to leak

2018|12,600 km

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