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Mercedes 2018 TSI380

Mercedes 2018 TSI380

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  • Release date:2019-10-30
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Used Mercedes

        Mercedes-Benz, not only quality is unparalleled, second-hand Mercedes-Benz and complete car systems, currently mainly produces C-class cars (middle-class sedan, sports car), E-class cars (high-end cars, sports cars), S-class cars (luxury cars, sports cars), also There is a G-type car (SUV off-road vehicle). The company's early production cars were divided into Mannheim and Stuttgart editions. Since 1936, both high- and low-end cars have been unified into one and the same name "Mercedes-Benz". There is a good story about the name. In 1899, the Austrian Consul General Emile Jelinek ordered three Daimler Phoenix cars. He named them with his daughter's name, Mercedes, and drove in the Nice Rally. Won the championship. The Emir believes that his daughter's name brings good luck and recommends that Daimler adopt its name.

        1. Affordable

        Second-hand cars are generally not the models of the current market, generally two years behind, the same brand of used cars of the same model, buy one or two years late, you can save thousands of dollars. In addition, as the price of oil rises, the cost of travel for citizens continues to increase. If the public economy is not very affluent, buying a car is only for transportation, and buying a used car is still very cost-effective.

        2. Low discount rate

        Any car, as long as it is registered in the vehicle management, whether you use it or not, or if you use more or less, its value is declining every year. Generally speaking, it will depreciate by 20% after one year, depreciate by 35% after two years, and depreciate by 50% after three years. According to the fair price second-hand car evaluation statistics, the higher the discount rate of high-end cars, the annual discount rate will be as high as 10,000 yuan. If you want to buy a used car, it is equivalent to someone else paying for their own discount rate, buy a new car, you can buy two good used cars, even if you use a few years later, then sell the car, also Will not lose much. There will be accurate vehicle valuation reports for branded models that search for used cars at fair prices.

2017|42,600 km

Original price 46w

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Tel: 187-5314-4448

Email: 18753144448@163.com

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Address: room B01, block B, Jidong used car market, 

Guodian street, Licheng District, Jinan, Shandong

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