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Range Rover Aurora 2016 2.0T

Range Rover Aurora 2016 2.0T

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  • Release date:2019-10-30
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Used Range Rover

        The luxury of the Range Rover is an "English" luxury. The so-called British style, second-hand Range Rover refers to the material lifestyle that the traditional British aristocracy advocates. The expression on the car is not complicated, that is, high-quality leather, fine wood decoration,

        Thick wool carpet, jeweled metal decoration and the like. Open the door of the Range Rover and you will see all the above-mentioned aristocratic furnishings appear in front of you. The beige leather is from the UK's top-grade Oxford brand. The seat has black thin-line binding, the hand-made first-class, the look and feel are obviously not ordinary goods; the middle and sides of the instrument panel are made of mahogany, which is like a fake package. The real wood is changed, and the shape is simple and straight, just like high-end furniture. Between the leather and the wood, it is decorated with some aluminum metal decorations with just the right reflection, which adds a bit of high-tech to the cabin, and the sun shines into the carriage.

        1. Affordable

        Second-hand cars are generally not the models of the current market, generally two years behind, the same brand of used cars of the same model, buy one or two years late, you can save thousands of dollars. In addition, as the price of oil rises, the cost of travel for citizens continues to increase. If the public economy is not very affluent, buying a car is only for transportation, and buying a used car is still very cost-effective.

        2. Low discount rate

        Any car, as long as it is registered in the vehicle management, whether you use it or not, or if you use more or less, its value is declining every year. Generally speaking, it will depreciate by 20% after one year, depreciate by 35% after two years, and depreciate by 50% after three years. According to the fair price second-hand car evaluation statistics, the higher the discount rate of high-end cars, the annual discount rate will be as high as 10,000 yuan. If you want to buy a used car, it is equivalent to someone else paying for their own discount rate, buy a new car, you can buy two good used cars, even if you use a few years later, then sell the car, also Will not lose much. There will be accurate vehicle valuation reports for branded models that search for used cars at fair prices.

2018 | 0.26 million kilometers

Original price 56w

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Email: 18753144448@163.com

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