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Nissan GT-R 2012 3.8T

Nissan GT-R 2012 3.8T

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  • Release date:2019-10-30
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        The new GT-R is out of the Skyline and becomes an independent car of Nissan. It will carry forward the spirit of GT-R in the future. So far, GT-R has become a world-class super sports car. The fastest lap in the North Ring of the Nürburgring is two seconds faster than the Porsche 911 Turbo, which is twice the price. Moreover, the 911 Turbo is more than 100 kilograms lighter than the GT-R.

        Since the introduction of the C10 GT-R in 1969, it has evolved to the sixth generation.

        The R35 GT-R has passed the 2001 GT-R Concept and 2005GT-R PROTOConcept concept cars. With reference to the essence of the GT-R styling of the past dynasties, the R35 GT-R has incorporated a new element of sci-fi avant-garde, creating a new image of its own style; Become a classic, out of the previous caravan image. Second-hand Nissan Skyline's name is a great thing for players who love performance cars, and the performance version of the GT-R is the "magic" that any performance fan dreams of! Don't talk about the BNR34 that dominates all Japanese performance cars. Even the BNR32, which has been in existence for more than 10 years, is the target of fans in various countries. I believe that there are not many friends who like GT-R cars in China. The GT-R series has always been based on the high-performance version of Skyline, so it is necessary to understand the GT-R from the birth of the Skyline.

2018 | 3.100 million kilometers

Original price: 56w

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Tel: 187-5314-4448

Email: 18753144448@163.com

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